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Modified vegetable oils

Our specialties

The natural properties of diverse vegetable oils allow for manifold refinement of these products. Whether polymerization, epoxy-enhancement or oxidation – there are options as versatile as the applications. Moreover, we produce many of our products as tailor-made solutions.

Polymerized oils
Wood oil polymerized (different viscosities)
Linseed oil (different viscosities)
Dehydrated castor oil polymerized (different viscosities)
Safflower oil (different viscosities)
Soy bean oil polymerized (different viscosities)
Epoxy-enhanced oils
Epoxy-enhanced soy bean oil
Epoxy-enhanced linseed oil
Oxidized oils
Linseed oil oxidized (different viscosities)
Castor oil oxidized (different viscosities)
Rapeseed oil (different viscosities)
Hydrated oils
Castor oil hydrated
Sulfated oils
Sulfated castor oil (Turkey Red Oil)

Oil-resin boiling

Our oil-resin boiling products based on renewable commodities are mainly intended for the paint and varnish sector. The natural commodities are eminently suitable as binders and have a variety of different properties.

The advantages include:

  • LOW VOC 
  • Good biodegradability 
  • High Solid binders 
  • Individually adjustable (drying, film formation, viscosity, yellowing…) 
  • From renewable commodities – no chemistry, no additives 
  • Less solvents needed

Our products include:

Mercresol O/R 85 

Oil-resin boiling with medium viscosity for internal and external application
Suitable for parquet flooring and hardwood oils like, for example Bankirai oils, teak oils, oils for garden furniture

Mercresol O/R 8630 

Our impregnation oil
Very low viscosity. Good penetration of the subfloor. Also suitable as co-solvent for diluting the formulation

Mercresol O 100

Special tung oil with better drying properties and the advantage of much less formation of wrinkles compared to classical tung oil

This is an excerpt from our standard portfolio for oil-resin boiling. Tell us your wishes as regards drying, yellowing properties, film formation, water resistance, and more. Do not hesitate to call us. We can offer a tailor-made product.


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Mercur Handel GmbH
Schinkelstraße 44a
40211 DüsseldorfGermany


Phone: +49 2 11 / 15 98 87-0
Fax: +49 2 11 / 15 98 87 87